Blind to the world?                                                                        Or part of our community?

Blind to the WorldOr part of our community?












What do we believe St Michael’s will look like in 2015? 

A Church Without Walls at the Heart of West Andover 

Jesus said, “I came so they may have life, and have it in abundance” John 10.10 

St Michael’s is a vibrant growing community at the heart of West Andover. We have opened up pathways; pathways for people to encounter God and to know his love, pathways of care and connection in the community; so that this parish of West Andover is a place where people can live life to the full under God and live lives that make a difference in the world.

We are enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to be growing in faith through our church 

► We are a church family aged 0 to 100 years, from many social backgrounds; the gaps have been filled… there are many more teens and twenties, we are from every walk of life and many cultures. We are growing fast, so that we have founded another congregation in the community. 
► We are a church with warm heart and committed welcome. Now people not only find a genuine welcome, they find it easy to become part of this family. 
► The fellowship groups for adults, teenagers and children have become a key part of this welcome and belonging. Here people are learning to apply their faith in everyday life; praying and worshiping together, and reaching out to others. 
► We are sharing the good news with the community in word and action. 
► We have identified and equipped those who have the gift of evangelism. 
► Each and every one of us is fulfilling our calling to be witnesses to the good news; by the character of our daily lives, by telling our Christian story. 
►We have the confidence to invite people to come and see. 
►We provide a safe and friendly place for people to be 

We are using our gifts and resources better to serve the needs of the community. 
► We have an ever deepening awareness of the needs of our town and parish. So that… 
► We have developed our land and buildings as an open centre at the heart of the community. Through this space we provide a base for ourselves and others to care for those in need and to go out into the community. 
► We have developed a programme whereby members of the church family can discover their gifts and respond to God’s calling on their lives. We are enabling a third of the church family to serve in the community and beyond, freed to give their time to things like running youth clubs, or visiting the bereaved, or supporting carers in the home, so that we can genuinely love our neighbour, as well as worship God. 

We have an active partnership with local churches and organisations
►We are continuing to build relationships of trust and generosity with other churches, Anglican and ecumenical, town and village, demonstrating the love of God through our unity and our work together for those in need. 
► We are working in partnership with statutory, voluntary and charitable organisations and building purposeful links with the business community.

We are fulfilling our responsibility to the world - its people and environment. 
► We have developed interdependent partnership links with three communities in the developing world and have established a sacrificial giving commitment. 10% of St Michael’s income and 80% of our fundraising goes to support the work of local, national and worldwide charities. 
►We are setting an example as good stewards of God’s creation, we have actively explored ways of reducing our use of non-renewable energy resources and we have expanded our buying commitment so that we are using fairly traded - recycled, organic, renewable or sustainable sources wherever possible.