World Day of Prayer


“Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”
World Day of Prayer Service

16:00 on Friday March 6 at Andover United Reformed Church
Programme prepared by Christians of Zimbabwe

As we get closer to World Day of Prayer, the voices from Zimbabwe, intertwined with our own, bring alive a message of love, peace and reconciliation. 

Christians of Zimbabwe invite us to pray with them and to reflect on the theme based on the story of John 5, 1-9a.  The three verbs - “Rise, Take and Walk” – indicate action. Jesus used those verbs on two occasions: to a sick man (John 5) and to the paralyzed one carried by four other men (Mark 2). The verbs indicate the change for those in the stories. These verbs are still powerful for us, today!

In the service, our Zimbabwean partners show us the way. “Jesus empowers us to be made well by doing something for the transformation that God is offering—to rise and take up our mat, whatever that may be for us, and walk. Jesus empowers us to choose to be healed, to be made whole, perhaps physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. When we are made whole, we are reconciled to God, to ourselves, and to our community. When we are reconciled, we can truly love, and when we truly love, we are able to walk toward peace. So, “Rise! Take your mat and walk.” (Extracted from the Worship Service 2020)

World Day of Prayer encourages responsible action that grows out of the worship service, as highlighted in its motto, “Informed Prayer. Prayerful Action.”

Please join the World Day of Prayer service in your community, and the people of Zimbabwe, in prayers for the Holy Spirit to be at work in our hearts, so we can feel the push that makes us Rise, Take and Walk!