Meet the Team


Since 2009 St Michaels has been part of the Portway and Danebury Team Ministry, which also includes the parishes of Anport, Monxton, Grateley, Quarley, Over Wallop and Nether Wallop. Each church has its won life and mission, but we meet together on a regular basis and share each others worship, getting to knowone another as friends and fellow Christians and supporting each other's ventures.

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We are all team members, and some of us are clergy and lay ministers.

Team Rector : Post is currently vacant

Contact Details:

Revd Vanessa Cole

Contact Details:

Revd Matthew Grayshon

Contact Details:

Miss Charmian Howarth   Licensed Lay Minister (used to be called 'Reader')
Mr Geoff Wortley   Licensed Lay Minister  
Mr Martin Watt   Worship Leader  
Mr Stephen Baldock   Worship Leader  
Churchwarden at St Michael's      
Mr Martin Watt      
Mrs Dawn Dearden      
Secretary to the PCC      
Mrs Kate Hughes